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Our software can help your team's daily work by streamlining processes and giving them access to data in real time. Our digital care management tools will help your care practices and give you full control over what your team is doing.

  • 80% less time taken to make care plans and keep notes
  • 90% increase was seen in information kept in client records
  • 95% boost in caregivers’ confidence were seen upon training
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Bridge the gap between caregivers and managers, on a Digital Platform

Our digital solution simplifies your workflow, elevates communication, and ensures vital information is always accessible.


24x7 Support

We ensure uninterrupted tech assistance for your web and mobile app. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to address your needs.

Customer Success

Upon onboarding, a dedicated Customer Success Manager offers tailored support to achieve your goals will be assigned to ensure your success.

Demos and User Trainings

While many users find CarerGo easy to start using after a demo, we provide thorough training to all customers as a standard practice.

Third-party Integrations

CarerGo seamlessly integrates with your existing software systems. Our technical team ensures smooth setup for seamless integration.

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